Braintree Azure KickStart, Powered by Microsoft Azure, is your office environment in the Cloud, managing your devices, security, protection against real-world threats and providing your organisation with the latest in business software and productivity tools.

We have taken the time understand the Cloud environment in preparation for customers like you, customers that are ready to migrate from the traditional server room in your back office and into the Cloud for a safer and more reliable place to store and access all business documents.

Move To The Cloud With Azure

Moving your business to the Cloud should empower your IT department and give your employees confidence that you are prepared to give them the tools to perform at their best. The Azure KickStart migration programme makes this process as easy as possible with best practice guidance and the right mix of expertise.

Downscale Your Office, Grow Your Business

Azure KickStart will allow you to migrate your essential business information from costly onsite servers, prone to hardware failures, to a secure and scalable virtual data centre. In addition to offering a sustainable, energy-efficient means of operating your business.