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We offer a host of solutions tailored to specific industries. Click on your industry to view the technology we use to digitally transform your business.


Retail by Braintree gives you a 360-degree view of your business, from inventory management to real-time total visibility of all transactions, and offers your customers a personalised shopping experience.

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Sales by Braintree enables you to push information to your sales team remotely, record real-time interactions like appointments and phone calls, qualify leads, prepare quotes and manage your customers while out in the field.

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Marketing by Braintree allows you to gather powerful insights around your social engagement, deliver personalised, relevant customer content, and manage your campaigns from one central location.

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Fresh Produce by Braintree enables you to manage your company’s entire process, from production and distribution, all the way through to sales.

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Asset Management by Braintree is an end-to-end software solution that allows you to track, optimise and manage your assets, while staying on top of processes.

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Waste Management by Braintree allows you to track your bins, store complaint and resolution histories, compile reports on equipment use and schedule resources to ensure the optimal functioning of your organisation.

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Field Services by Braintree is a holistic field services management solution designed to reduce travel time, optimise your service schedule to ensure on-time delivery and enable real-time communication between you and your team.

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With Property Management by Braintree you can merge your accounting and property management teams within one software package, track lease processes and charge escalation, and accurately invoice tenants according to their consumption.

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Print by Braintree is designed to enable you to track jobs, estimate and quote customers quickly and easily, forecast inventory needs, and report on machine capacity, available man-hours and planned production.

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Finance by Braintree allows you to turn data from accounts, budgets, cashflow and cost types into reports to monitor your business. It also enables you to manage the accounting from multiple companies, in multiple languages, using multiple currencies.

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