Azure Arc

Azure Arc

Simplify governance and management across multi-cloud and on-premises environments with Azure Arc. A centralised and consistent approach for seamless control over your entire infrastructure.

Why Azure Arc

As an IT leader or CIO, you understand the critical importance of managing diverse infrastructure effectively. Azure Arc empowers you to seamlessly extend Azure services and capabilities to your hybrid environment, whether it’s a small-scale setup or a sprawling, globally distributed network.

Imagine having a single control plane that allows you to oversee and monitor workloads, applications, and data across different locations. With Azure Arc, deploying, configuring, and operating workloads in hybrid environments becomes a breeze.

6 Reasons why
you should consider Azure Arc

Azure Policy

Organise and enforce policies to ensure compliance across resources managed by Azure Arc, including those outside of Azure. Any business can define policies centrally and apply them consistently across different environments.

Azure Services Extension

Configure Azure VM extensions to use Azure management services to monitor, secure and update your servers and Zero-touch compliance and configuration for Kubernetes clusters using Azure Policy.

Monitoring and Insights

Azure Arc provides centralised monitoring and logging capabilities, allowing businesses to gain visibility and insights into the health, performance, and operational state of resources across environments.

Resource Management

Azure Arc let’s you manage and organise resources, such as virtual machines, Kubernetes clusters and databases across hybrid environments using Azure Resource Manager. This provides a unified management experience and enables consistent deployment and configuration practices.

Security and Compliance

Azure Arc helps maintain consistent security and compliance policies across all resources, regardless of their location. This includes Azure Security Center and Azure Defender, which can be applied to resources managed through Azure Arc.

Simplified Resource Scaling

Embrace the agility to deploy, configure, and operate workloads in hybrid environments with ease. Azure Arc makes it happen. Whether you’re dealing with legacy systems, edge devices, or multicloud scenarios, Azure Arc ensures you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Consistent Management and Control: Azure Arc bridges the gap between on-premises, edge, and multicloud environments. No more silos—just streamlined management.
  • Agility and Flexibility:  Whether you’re dealing with legacy systems, edge devices, or multicloud scenarios, Azure Arc ensures you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Security and Compliance: Azure Arc extends Azure’s robust security features to your entire infrastructure, ensuring data protection and regulatory compliance.

Say goodbye to complexity and embrace agility!