December 7, 2023

Eduvos simplifies student enrolment experience from 90 days to instant with Microsoft and Dynamics 365

Eduvos identified a critical obstacle impeding their operational efficiency: the lack of integration across departments. The absence of a unified platform hindered communication among departments, leading to constant negotiations over key performance indicators (KPIs) to ascertain accurate metrics in education, sales, finance and academics. This siloed approach resulted in a fragmented view of student data, impeding the organisation’s growth ambitions.

“We were constantly developing actionable insights,” says Dr. Riaan Steenberg, Executive Director at Eduvos, a South African higher education institution that once grappled with a fragmented reporting landscape.

The manual processes were transformed through Eduvos’ collaboration with Braintree by leveraging Dynamics 365 solutions. As a result, Eduvos has gained real-time insights, allowing it to run more smoothly and deliver more learning opportunities to students in South Africa. With Microsoft 365 and Azure, the institution also streamlined student interactions, from enrolment to course completion, thus bringing a more satisfying educational experience.

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