February 19, 2024

Enhancing Cybersecurity with Azure Secure Score

Azure Secure Score: Your Security Compass

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is paramount for organisations. With the Azure Secure Score, businesses can significantly enhance their security posture. This blog post delves into the functionalities and benefits of Azure Secure Score, a tool that provides vital insights into your organisation’s security status.

Understanding Azure Secure Score: Azure Secure Score is an innovative security analytics tool designed to offer visibility into your organisation’s security health. It addresses the critical question: “How secure is my workload?” By evaluating the severity and impact of security recommendations, Azure Secure Score assigns a numerical value, indicating how addressing these recommendations can bolster your security.

Key Benefits: 
  1. Visualisation of Security Posture – Imagine a dashboard that paints a vivid picture of your security landscape. Secure Score provides just that. It’s your panoramic view of security recommendations, vulnerabilities and potential improvements 
  2. Efficient Triage and Actionable Suggestions – With a growing number of recommendations and limited resources, prioritisation becomes crucial. Secure Score helps you focus on what matters most. It’s like having a personal trainer for your security muscles—guiding you toward meaningful actions.
  3. Tracking Security Over Time – How secure is your workload? Secure Score answers this pivotal question. It considers severity, impact, and best practices. When you fix a recommendation, your score updates, reflecting your progress. 

How is the Secure Score Calculated?

Azure Secure Score calculates your score based on the ratio of healthy to total resources. A higher number of healthy resources translates to a better score. By addressing the recommendations and remedying unhealthy resources, you can improve your score, aiming for the maximum possible value.

Healthy Resources vs. Total Resources: The secure score hinges on the ratio between healthy and total resources. If all your resources are in tip-top shape, you can achieve the highest score (up to 100) for a recommendation.

Remediation Steps: To boost your score, address unhealthy resources promptly. Follow the remediation steps diligently. Think of it as nurturing your security garden—one patch at a time.

Utilising Azure Secure Score for Maximum Benefit:
  • Recommendations and Their Impact: Secure Score evaluates recommendations based on severity and their potential impact on workload security. The more critical the recommendation, the higher its impact on your score.
  • Built-In Recommendations: The Microsoft cloud security benchmark (MCSB) standard serves as the foundation. When you enable Defender for Cloud in your subscription, MCSB recommendations kick in. These built-in recommendations directly influence your secure score.
  • Risk Prioritisation: While risk prioritisation doesn’t directly affect the secure score, it’s essential. Prioritise based on severity and potential impact. Remember, even preview recommendations matter—they’ll contribute to your score once out of preview.

Azure Secure Score is a vital tool for any organisation looking to strengthen its cybersecurity. By offering clear insights and actionable recommendations, it helps businesses prioritise and effectively respond to security vulnerabilities. Embrace Azure Secure Score to ensure your organisation’s digital assets are well-protected. 

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