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Retail by Braintree will save your company time by eliminating inconsistencies and human errors.
Consolidate and simplify your retail business with this management system.

Point of Sale

User-friendly electronic POS software can store centralised data, create vouchers and offer memorable customer service. Intuitive software and a friendly interface minimise operational errors.

The software provides rich data, so you can track and analyse sales performance from head office and staff can make real-time, insight-based decisions.

In-store Management

Manage your in-store staff and their KPIs. Track inventory and performance from wherever you are. Mobilise your staff so they can take care of admin, like collecting stock and placing orders.

Set up and track the delivery and results of campaigns and special offers. Sync in-store and head office data to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Inventory Management

Simplify your inventory management: automatic and manual replenishment functionalities streamline planning processes and save resources.

Plan purchasing and distribution in advance, using historical data captured by the software. Data-driven decision making will save time and money, so you can focus on getting your business to where it needs to be.


Managers will maximise staff productivity and have an overview of salaries, schedules and commission. Quickly calculate sales commission for staff members or sales teams and keep this information on the system’s record.

Allocate different permissions to individual staff members, teams and stores. Control permissions for voiding, opening till drawers and returns.

Product Management

Increase ROI with stringent product overviews. Manage product updates, price fluctuations and special deals, while gaining business insights through sales intelligence.

Easily import files from vendors for the master records
Set up promotional offers and discounts
The smart POS system recognises special offers through triggers from loyalty cards and vouchers

Reporting and Analysis

A financial overview is vital for the proper running of any retail business. Build customised dashboards and gain deep insights into your company’s financial workings, in order to improve strategies.

This software assists in fraud and loss prevention, key performance indicators and retail business intelligence.

Mobile and eCommerce

LS Nav’s mobile applications give your customers the chance to personalise their orders.

Offer product information, incentives and specials and manage online orders. Post about your promotions and deals on social media directly through LS Nav, to streamline information and ensure it’s correct.