May 22, 2024

Streamlining Business Operations and Growth For Frontier Co with LS Central

The Challenge

FrontierCo found itself researching new methods of attaining their business goals and potential. The brand required a solution that allowed them to stay ahead of their competition through innovative technology – solutions which facilitated timely, informed and accurate decisions based on Data received from their respective branches.


The Solution

As a result of our previous, well-established working relationship, Braintree was contacted by FrontierCo and tasked with aligning their requirements with the most suitable solution. After a full evaluation, wherein we assessed their KPI’s and organisational needs, we were able to partner FrontierCo with LS Central. The reasons for this solution were actually quite simple.

About FrontierCo

FrontierCo prides itself in being a market leader in retail with expertise & world class infrastructure to house iconic international & local fashion brands boasting over 100 retail stores. FrontierCo, therefore, is the logical partner of choice in Southern Africa for Fashion Brand owners. Join the best in class.

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