Secure Your Business Data with Microsoft 365 Business

By Suhail Dinat,
Content Creator, Idea Generator, Copywriter - this Senior Content Writer specialises in the written, the conceptual and the voice behind the scenes.

2021-03-11 11:09:53

COVID-19 has changed the business world for good. Even prior to the concepts of remote working and virtual landscapes, the corporate sphere was gradually but progressively shifting online. Now, as companies have been forced to adapt, we’ve seen the process accelerated. However, whilst this new and unfamiliar work environment has is benefits, it also presents its share of challenges- none more so than potential threats to your business data online.


This is where Microsoft comes in. Systemically designed to ensure your business safety, the software has been proven to cover all facets of digital online protection. From security to cyber-safety and beyond, herewith a breakdown of how to secure your business data with Microsoft 365 Business.


Threat Protection

Studies indicate one hacker attack per 39 seconds worldwide, meaning a tried and tested protection system is crucial. Microsoft 365’s enterprise grade protection helps safeguard your system while simultaneously combatting spam, viruses, malware, phishing and malicious links.


Data Protection

The Microsoft Data Protection spectrum offers various tie-ins for added safety and security. Firstly, all Microsoft 365 and Office apps contain built-in protection and governance capabilities. These correlate with a unified management approach, allowing the user to configure or manage their policies from a single device. Next, the intelligent data system allows you to identify sensitive information via machine learning capabilities, while the Extensible Capabilities feature consistently extends both protection and governance.


Identity and Access Management

Your identity is your most valued online resource, and a breach of its safety would be a massive risk. Thankfully, Microsoft 365 and its Azure Active Directory allow you to manage this behind the scenes and away from prying eyes. All Enterprise plans include a free subscription to the directory, allowing for easy integration, password synchronisation or option for single sign-on.

Alternately, you can reduce the risk of security breaches altogether through Windows Hello for Business, which uses biometric data and PINS instead of conventional passwords.


Security Management

It gets hard to keep up with so many devices, but Microsoft Security Management allows you to do it all from one place. Identities, data, devices, apps and more are configured to a single dashboard, which lets you easily view your security health whilst notifying you about suspicious activity. It gets better. Microsoft Secure Score helps analyse your security position, recommending best practices for maximum digital security. This also allows you to benchmark your score against other organisations, meaning you can rest easy knowing your business is in safe hands.

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Suhail Dinat

Content Creator, Idea Generator, Copywriter - this Senior Content Writer specialises in the written, the conceptual and the voice behind the scenes.