October 11, 2023

The Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Azure AI

This latest Forrester whitepaper highlights how Microsoft Azure AI is leading the way.

Published by Forrester in April 2023 about Microsoft Azure AI. The whitepaper emphasizes the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) for enterprises and how Microsoft Azure AI offers a comprehensive suite of AI and machine learning (ML) services to help organisations modernise their workflows, increase efficiency and make informed decisions.

Key points highlighted

The Growth of AI:
AI has become essential in the technology strategies of organisations, with a significant investment in AI technologies. Forrester’s research indicates a substantial increase in spending on both off-the-shelf and custom AI software.
Expanding AI Usage:
Decision-makers are broadening the scope of AI within their organizations, operationalising various AI solutions across different use cases and extending its application beyond data science teams. This expansion is supported by modern AI platforms.
Azure AI Services:
Microsoft Azure AI provides a range of AI services and machine learning solutions, including Vision, Speech, Language, Decision, and more, all accessible through REST APIs and SDKs. It also offers services tailored for specific business scenarios.
Azure Machine Learning:
Azure Machine Learning is a cloud platform designed to support the entire ML project lifecycle, making it easier for data scientists and developers to build, deploy and manage ML models at scale.
Forrester’s TEI Study:
Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, aiming to evaluate the potential ROI for organizations deploying Azure AI. The study involved interviews with decision-makers from customer organisations.
Benefits of Azure AI:
The organisations that adopted Azure AI reported various benefits, including improved model quality and scalability, reduced error rates in model outputs, enhanced customer experience, and increased efficiency and innovation. They leveraged Azure AI’s services to optimise costs, grow their businesses and automate various processes.
Automation and Efficiency:
Productivity improved for data scientists, AI/ML engineers, and other employees due to automation, resulting in time savings and improved employee efficiency.

The whitepaper demonstrates how Azure AI can provide tangible benefits to organisations by enhancing their AI and ML capabilities, optimising operations, and fostering innovation and growth. It’s a useful resource for decision-makers and professionals looking to understand the potential financial impact of adopting Microsoft Azure AI within their organisations.

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