February 22, 2024

Maximise Dynamics 365 Finance for Your Enterprise

Maximise Financial Visibility and Profitability

Organisational fitness relies heavily on data and tools that facilitate quick, data-driven decision-making. In guiding future planning, finance teams have a key role to play as credible and up-to-date sources of insights into the performance of the organisations.

To assist them in this regard, Dynamics 365 Finance and its connected technology – part of the overall Dynamics 365 offering – enables business continuity and successful operations.

Dynamics 365 is a suite of intelligent business applications designed to elevate operational efficiency and revolutionise customer experiences. This business platform, which is seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft Cloud environment, helps you run your entire business and deliver better results through predictive, AI-driven insights.

Dynamics 365 Finance aligns with the evolving needs of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), offering a comprehensive solution that addresses legacy issues, enhances data management, supports dynamic decision-making, automates processes and actively contributes to risk mitigation in a changing business landscape.

Dynamics 365 Finance is an excellent solution for enterprise-level businesses looking for a finance ERP that can meet their current demands, is future-proof and cloud-based, and offers scalability. 

Simplification and Consolidation with ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems help organisations manage their businesses with efficiency and flexibility, bringing together finance, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, warehouse and stock.

ERP systems can bring the following benefits to your business:

  • Improved visibility and insight;
  • More efficient operations;
  • Lower costs;
  • Shared best practices;
  • Improved team productivity; and
  • Smarter strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance enables you to monitor the performance of your company in real time, forecast future results, and make data driven decisions to boost the growth of your organisation.

Dynamics 365 Finance for Enterprise Level Organisations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance – together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations for supply chain management as a complementary element – is not just another ERP system. It is a comprehensive business management solution tailored for organisations with more than 200 employees.

Offering a robust set of features, this cloud-based solution addresses critical aspects such as financial management, supply chain management, human resources and project management. As a company, you will choose which applications and elements in the solution are relevant to you. 

Dynamics 365 Finance allows you to keep pace with evolving business needs.  

Meeting your current demands

With Dynamics 365 Finance, you can efficiently do the following:

  • Accurately project cash flow: Accurately monitor cash flow and identify current and future trends with an intelligent forecasting solution.
  • Predict customer payments: Proactively reduce write-offs and improve margins by predicting when -or even if – customers will pay their invoices.
  • Streamline your budget proposals: Save time and effort using the intelligent budget proposal feature to analyse historical data and create accurate budgets.
  • Close your books faster: Activate flexible financial management with foreign exchange support, multi-currency and entity handling in a single instance.
  • Make analytics accessible: Tap into self-service analytics to make informed decisions using unified data from Dynamics 365 apps and external sources.



As the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital systems and processes, new business risks and threats arise, with a need for increased regulations. Manual processes are no longer sufficient in mitigating risk and our tools therefore need to be developed to help us proactively mitigate against risk. With Dynamics 365 Finance, automating operations is simple and efficient.

  • Digitise business processes: Save time and labour costs by automatically submitting invoices to workflow and matching vendor invoice lines to product receipts.
  • Effectively manage credit risks and collections: Create rules- and prediction-based collections automation that helps increase on-time payment, improve cash flow, and save time.
  • Unify business intelligence: Unify data across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and partner apps for a central source of intelligent information.



Dynamics 365 for Finance, as clarified previously, is primarily a cloud-based ERP solution.  As the solutions are an essential part of the Dynamics 365 suite, this means that the functionality can be supplied and integrated with other elements in Dynamics 365.

  • The most popular choice for Dynamics 365 users is deploying in the cloud. Cloud-based instances of Dynamics 365 are hosted on Azure, Microsoft’s web services platform, which allows programs and services to be built, tested, deployed, and managed from a network of managed data centres located across the globe.
  • Hosting your software in the cloud essentially means that everything, from the program itself to your data, is stored online – rather than purchasing a copy of the software and installing it on individual devices, you access it through the internet.
  • As the software is hosted on its own servers, Microsoft is primarily responsible for maintaining all of your software infrastructure. This includes managing security measures, issuing updates, and performing data backups.

Key Financial Features

Reimagine your financial models to prepare, respond and thrive in the face of disruption.

  • Financial planning and analysis: Enhance agility with financial planning, budgeting and forecasting connected across the organisation.
  • Accounting and financial close: Expedite financial close and reporting with self-serve analytics and automation.
  • Tax management: Manage tax jurisdictions, rates and deductibility based on a unified tax data model.
  • Quote to cash: Optimise monetisation with AI-powered billing, accounts receivable (AR), collections and more.



Dynamics 365 for Finance makes it easier for your organisation to scale, including on a global stage.

  • Adapt to regulations: Use a guided chart of accounts to simplify tax calculation, e-invoicing, regulatory reporting and global payments.
  • Meet global expectations: Ensure global compliance in 51 countries/regions and 67 languages. Rely on Microsoft AppSource solutions for 200+ regions.
  • Reduce the need for customisation: Craft adaptable business documents with Microsoft 365 templates. Stay flexible without costly, time-consuming code alterations.
  • Support sustainability: Track and minimise the environmental, social and governance (ESG) footprint of your systems and processes.
  • Comply with tax regulations: Use a flexible tax-determination matrix and configurable tax-calculation formula designer to comply with local tax regulations.

In Conclusion: Why Change to Dynamics 365 Finance?

Data is the new strategic asset for CFOs. The amount of data is doubling every year in the world and there are significant numbers of businesses that have not yet created their ‘single source of the truth’. When using manual finance processes, such as closing, reconciliations, invoice processing and so on, these are subject to human error.

Business is becoming more complex every day, and using old tools that were built for outdate business models is thus not helpful. This is especially challenging in times of uncertainty when we need to make rapid decisions and adjustments.

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