March 6, 2024

Boost Your Sales Efficiency with Braintree and Microsoft Copilot Sales

Empowering Businesses with Microsoft Copilot for Enhanced Sales and Customer Service

We’re committed to transforming the way businesses operate through secure, enterprise-grade AI capabilities. We are thrilled to introduce an integration service that seamlessly incorporates Microsoft Copilot into your business environment, specifically tailored for sales and customer service professionals.

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Maximise sales productivity

Work more efficiently using generative AI capabilities that help streamline processes and create personalised sales content.
Working with a customer

Personalise customer interactions

Improve customer experiences with AI-generated insights and recommendations for next steps.
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Stay in the flow of work

Seamlessly share information between Microsoft 365 apps and your CRM platform.

Microsoft has recently launched Microsoft Copilot for Sales and Microsoft Copilot for Service, both now generally available. These innovative solutions combine the powers of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 with specific insights and actions to streamline business processes. As a Microsoft partner, Braintree is uniquely positioned to integrate these solutions with your existing CRM and contact center systems.

Transform Sales Productivity with Braintree and Copilot for Sales

In today’s challenging market, sellers are navigating more complexities than ever. To address these challenges, Microsoft has developed Copilot for Sales, now readily available through Braintree’s expert integration. This AI assistant is crafted to boost sales team productivity and enhance deal-closing capabilities.

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With Braintree’s integration, Copilot for Sales elevates your sales operations, offering:

  • Preparation of sales meeting briefs in Word.
  • Email summarisation with vital insights like BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) analysis in Outlook.
  • Generation of personalised emails with CRM-derived information.
  • Direct CRM record updates from Outlook.
  • Access to real-time sales insights and meeting summaries in Teams.
  • The creation of collaborative deal rooms in Teams synced with CRM data.

Enhancing Customer Service with Microsoft Copilot for Service

The customer service landscape is evolving rapidly, and Microsoft Copilot for Service is at the forefront of this transformation. Braintree’s integration service allows you to leverage this tool to its full potential, improving customer interaction and problem-solving efficiency.

Braintree’s Integration Expertise

Our role at Braintree goes beyond mere implementation. We ensure that these sophisticated tools are well-integrated and tailored to your unique business needs. Our expertise covers various Microsoft 365 applications, facilitating a smooth and cohesive experience across your sales and customer service departments.

Early Success Stories

Early adopters, like Avanade, have already experienced the transformative impact of these AI capabilities. From minimising interface switching to saving valuable time, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Looking Ahead

Braintree is excited about the upcoming enhancements to Copilot for Sales, including CRM connectivity within the Microsoft Copilot chat experience. These developments will further streamline operations and decision-making for sales teams.

Partner with Braintree for Your Copilot Integration

Join the forefront of AI-powered business transformation. With Braintree, embark on a journey to elevate your sales and customer service departments to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us to learn how we can tailor Microsoft Copilot solutions to fit your business needs and drive your strategy forward.

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