Waste Management

Elevating Efficiency in Waste Management

Dynamics 365 and Enwis Integration Takes the Lead!

Our Focus

In an era where sustainability and responsible resource management are paramount, efficient waste management solutions are crucial for businesses and communities alike.

Enwis is a specialised industry solution tailored for businesses operating within the circular economy sector. It leverages the robust Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central technology platform and seamlessly integrates into the comprehensive TegosSuite ecosystem

Asset Management Efficiency

Efficient waste collection management is paramount. Dynamics 365 monitors asset data, schedules maintenance, and predicts failures, reducing downtime and ensuring reliability. Meanwhile, Enwis facilitates resource management, covering staff, vehicles and equipment for order fulfillment. Route optimisation planning and receptacle inventory management, offering real-time tracking and historical data for effective operations.

Bridging Finance and Operations

Dynamics 365 and Enwis provide a robust cost accounting tool analysing operational expenses by various parameters. Enwis integrates with the general ledger, efficiently allocating costs across units. This integrated system eliminates manual allocations, ensuring automated posting within the solution, streamlining financial operations and easing administrative duties for disposal firms.

Customer-Centric Waste Management

Dynamics 365's CRM streamlines customer interactions in waste management. It automates service requests, aids in efficient complaint resolution and fosters transparent communication. Enwis software further elevates customer engagement, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty - achieving this through transparent digital processes, including automated receipt dispatch and customisable invoices, boosting overall customer satisfaction.

Contract and order management

Enwis provides predefined document templates and streamlined processes that adapt to current market requirements. These templates simplify document creation and its process-oriented approach ensures smooth business operations, complementing D365's efficient management of waste management contracts and orders, streamlining data centralisation, process automation and pricing optimisation.

Insights for Sustainable Waste Management

Data plays a crucial role in waste management. Dynamics 365's analytics tools empower waste management companies to analyse collection data, uncover trends, and optimise workflows. These insights drive informed decisions, improving operational efficiency and sustainability. In Enwis, weighbridge integration provides direct access to vital data, including sales orders and contracts, materials.

Mobile Workforce Enablement

Field operatives are vital in waste management. Dynamics 365's mobile integration enables real-time communication, work order updates, and route adjustments, boosting workforce productivity, reducing paperwork and ensuring smooth service delivery. Enwis software adds an extra telematics module for vehicle location tracking, consumption, travel times, and order processing, providing comprehensive oversight.

Optimised Route Planning

Efficient waste management involves optimising collection routes. Dynamics 365 utilises geospatial capabilities, reducing fuel use and emissions by guiding trucks along the most efficient paths in real-time. Enwis assists in resource management for staff, vehicles and equipment allocation, enhancing route planning and organisation, ultimately promoting eco-conscious waste management.

Staying Compliant with Dynamics 365

The waste management industry is heavily regulated. Dynamics 365 simplifies compliance by automating reporting and monitoring environmental and safety regulations. This minimises the risk of fines and penalties while promoting responsible waste handling

Capabilities and benefits 

Customer Satisfaction

Elevate customer satisfaction with Enwis transparent digital processes, including automatic receipt dispatch and customisable invoices. D365’s CRM efficiently manages customer interactions in waste management, facilitating automated communication, service requests, and complaint resolution, cultivating stronger client satisfaction and loyalty.

Effective Contracting

D365 and Enwis efficiently manages contracts, quotations, and pricing in waste management. It centralises contract data, automates quotation generation, and dynamically adjusts prices. This enhances contract visibility, accelerates quoting processes, and ensures accurate and adaptable pricing structures, optimising waste management operations.

Efficiency Increase

Boost your digital transformation with Enwis, speeding up automation. Streamline workflows, reduce lead times with self-service portals and enhance route planning. Dynamics 365 tracks asset data, schedules maintenance, and forecasts equipment failures, reducing downtime, ensuring reliability and enhancing waste collection efficiency.


D365 and Enwis offers scalable solutions for waste management, accommodating growth and evolving requirements. It flexibly adapts to handle increasing waste volumes, new collection processes, and changing regulations, ensuring waste management operations remain efficient and effective as the business expands.

Scale Integration

D365 and Enwis streamline operations by seamlessly integrating scales and weighing processes. Enwis simplifies your procedures, connecting various weighbridge types, from small-scale to heavy-duty vehicle weighbridges. Even manual weighing with weight input is accurately recorded for efficient management

Adaptive Innovation

Regular updates and innovations from Microsoft ensure that Dynamics 365 stays current with industry trends and technological advancements. Businesses can take advantage of new features and capabilities without extensive system overhauls.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Enwis address various challenges in the Waste Management industry

Asset Management Challenges

Keeping track of waste collection equipment maintenance and predicting failures can be cumbersome. Use asset management modules within systems like D365 and Enwis to monitor equipment data, schedule maintenance, and predict failures, minimising downtime and ensuring reliability.

Data Utilisation

Waste management generates vast amounts of data that often remains underutilised. Leverage analytics tools in D365 to analyse collection data, identify trends, and optimise operations, turning data into actionable insights.

Customer Management

Managing client interactions and maintaining satisfaction can be challenging. With the implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) tools, such as those in D365, automated communication, managed service requests, and resolve complaints efficiently is possible, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Inefficient Route Planning

Ineffective waste collection routes lead to higher fuel costs and increased emissions. Route optimisation software like D365 and Enwis plan efficient collection routes, reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Mobile Workforce Efficiency

Field operatives face challenges in terms of communication and route adjustments. Integrate mobile devices with systems like D365 and Enwis, enabling real-time communication and providing tools for field operatives to adjust routes efficiently, reducing operational challenges.

Regulatory Compliance

Waste management companies must adhere to various environmental and safety regulations. By implementing compliance management systems, like those in D365, automated reporting and monitoring will reduce the risk of fines and ensuring responsible waste handling.