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This Excel-based web application manages reporting, budgeting and data needs. Its modules can be used individually or fully integrated into your system.


BI360 allows for insights that can inform business decisions because its full suite of reporting and budgeting capabilities offer key information in a user-friendly way.

Familiar Layout

Any user with Excel skills will be able to efficiently navigate the BI360 system from day one because it is built on an Excel base and integrates with most accounting and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems.

Business Data - Reporting, Planning and Dashboard flow diagram

Store Data

BI360 is also a data warehouse solution, allowing you to combine multiple data sources into one. Used across an organisation, it helps with planning, budgeting, analysing and controlling.

Business Data Reporting Dashboard example image

Drill Deeper

BI360 is also used to:

Automatically generate specific reports on demand
Drilldown into underlying details to determine causes
Analyse and control in-house and cloud-based business data

Business Data BI360 Photo of screen with Excel open