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Improve sales using actionable insights, personal engagement, customer management and sales performance monitoring.

Customer Management

Make sales success easy with the right leads, contacts and opportunities. Your agents will have everything they need, on one platform, to offer customers consistent and personalised attention. Predictive and proactive customer service using interactive dashboards, data visualisations and insights to identify trends and opportunities.

Dynamics365 offers:

Social insights
Up-to-date company information
An embedded sales process
Pre-built dashboards tailored to customer management
Cloud-based systems for qualifying leads, preparing quotes and managing your pipeline

Combine sales data with other sources to gain insight into performance and customer management. Offer smarter customer service with:

Omni-channel engagement
A unified experience
A strong knowledge base
Digital intelligence

Sales Performance

Empower your salesforce and give them the competitive edge they need to succeed with personalised documents, interactive sales reports and trend data. Increase sales productivity and make it easy for your sales teams to build profitable relationships and drive revenue.

Dynamics365 for sales offers:

In-depth and actionable analysis and insights
Enhanced personal engagement
Useful data capturing
Extensive reporting
Activity tracking

The service-oriented architecture of this programme makes it easily customisable and one of the most popular applications for daily use in companies looking to succeed. The lead to opportunity process is refined and aimed at increasing revenue. The software functions across all devices, reduces distractions and helps employees focus on sales priorities.

Sales Force Automation

This software allows you to mobilise your sales team and manage their performance to optimise results. Track and glean insights from sales activities. Monitor all correspondence to ensure your team performs at its best.

Push information to your sales team remotely. They won’t need to physically touch base to stay up to date with your company’s specials or product updates, which means less interruption and more productivity.

Record real time interactions, like appointments and phone calls. Track and create benchmarks to ensure your team can spend more time out in the field, performing at optimum levels.

Sales Force Automation is enabled through CRM and mobile CRM applications. These use dashboards and reporting mechanisms to monitor activities. Once this data has been analysed, post-appointment meetings can be conducted online, and unnecessary trips to the office avoided.