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Property Management

Property management software designed specifically for real estate, asset and property managers. The software can be broken down into various models that suit specific managers’ needs.

Property Management

Property Site Management

Property Site Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP is software designed for real estate, asset and property managers. Streamline your daily operations by merging your accounting and property management team’s work within one software package.

Encourage productivity and collaboration across your company with Microsoft tools your staff already know. Financial back-end and reporting functionalities from Dynamics GP produce rich data.

Streamline and track lease processes, expenses, property information and taxes. Simplify invoicing and save time with an automated invoicing generator. Keep track of charge escalations and adjustments.

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Other Modules Available

Various modules of Property Site Management are available:

Tower Manager Module

This Module understands your unique needs around managing wireless and broadband towers.

Meter Tracking and Billable Module

Accurately invoice tenants according to their consumption. Assign custom formulas to specific meters or multiple meters to one unit.

Retail & Overages Module

The most complex offering within all Property Site Management modules. Calculate rent, expenses and reconciliations. Maximise your revenues while controlling your expenses.

Budgeting & Forecasting Module

Make insight-backed decisions to maximise your ROI. Create budget templates and export to Excel for ease of use.

Expense Allocation Module

Efficiently allocate expenses for complicated allocations like Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges.