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Healthcare by Braintree is a comprehensive, powerful healthcare solution that manages your patients, providers, medical records, patient schedules, medical supplies, financials, communication, and much more.

Digitally transform your hospital, practice or clinic with anywhere-access to patient information, inventory tracking and remote patient care.

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Access Patient Information Anywhere

Instantly and securely store and transmit medical data, like X-rays, between providers and/or patients to facilitate evaluation, diagnosis and care management, in real time.

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Appointment Scheduling

Send secure alerts, messages and reminders to patients via text, email, or phone. Manage appointment worklists and perform operations like confirm, check-in, check-out, no-show and appointment cancellations.

Real-Time Access to Financial Health

Gain real-time insight into funding and expenditure across multiple business units, tighten billing cycles, and collect more payments.

Inventory Tracking

Control the entire supply chain from procurement to distribution of hospital supplies, standardise ordering processes, and receive alerts when supplies are low and orders need to be approved.

Remote Patient Care

Patients can receive holistic, personalised, and transformative care both in and out of the hospital setting, and caregivers can access key data from anywhere, at any time.