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Enwis is designed for the recycling and waste management industry and is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Public Waste Management

Compete in today’s market by supporting all your business processes and challenges. Data only has to be entered once before being made available in all the necessary aspects of your business. The software can be customised to fit your requirements.

Efficiently manage all municipal data. The software stores important information, like locations of dustbins, full or limited service, number of residents, etc. Waste collection fees can also be split.

Keep track of all bin types in various areas. The software can calculate waste quantities per area, or per user. Organise recycling centres and define collection cycles or once-off requests through Enwis public.

Information like complaints from property owners, managers or drivers, is registered, allowing for faster reaction times from your staff. Complaint and resolution histories for drivers and customers are stored.

Private Waste Management icon

Private Waste Management

Enwis offers you an overarching view of all processes. Data only needs to be entered once-off and is then made available to relevant staff.

Efficiently process orders with the QuickDoc function. Once an enquiry is made, the customer data is easy to access and prices are automatically calculated based on your catalogues.

Enwis compiles daily reports, detailing completed orders, equipment used, locations and any special occurrences.

Plan and schedule your company’s resources to ensure you have a complete overview. Staff leave and vehicle or device maintenance can be logged in the operations plan.