The benefits Enterprise Resource Planning are endless

Imagine having the power to know exactly how each component of your business is functioning at the same time. That’s ERP in a nutshell.

Technology has always promised to make our lives easier – to simplify complex tasks and automate the mundane. We might still be waiting for the day we can jump into our flying cars or pop a pill into the microwave and pull out a pizza, but, at least, when it comes to running a business, we know we can rely on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to do most of the heavy lifting for us.

The trick is choosing the right ERP solution to suit your needs.


Get the full picture

Imagine having the power to know exactly how each component of your business is functioning at the same time. That’s ERP in a nutshell, really. It’s software that creates a centralised database for all your most important business processes – from accounting to procurement, resource management, analytics and reporting – allowing for the effective communication between each department for maximum efficiency and truly informed decision making.

Because ERP software allows your team to name and share vital information accurately and consistently to a single source, you’ll always have an in-depth understanding of what your business needs and when – whether that’s comparing suppliers to find the best price to cut costs or knowing when to pay your vendors. With ERP software, everyone is literally on the same page.

Braintree’s pre-configured ERP system, BC Xpress, takes this one step further with the inclusion of a Microsoft Power BI licence for optimal data sharing and resource planning with customisable dashboards that allow you to visualise and make sense of your data in real time. It’s beautiful, really.


Optimise your operation

With an ERP solution in place, you’ll be able to cut a lot of time-consuming and human error prone admin (like generating invoices or financial reports) from your daily operations, allowing employees the opportunity to focus on more productive pursuits like collaboration and improved customer service and sales.

With a deeper understanding of your business, you’ll also be better positioned to forecast trends and accurately plan for future development. 

The great thing about modern ERP solutions is that they’re scalable to suit your needs. While it may be pre-configured with essential accounting functionality and a Business Central online tenant for rapid deployment, BC Xpress is no exception. Once you’re up and running, you’ll have the option of adding other pre-built Microsoft solutions to customise BC Xpress according to your needs.


Take it to the cloud

ERP software is not exactly new, but it’s never been more accessible for businesses (big or small) than now thanks to cloud computing. There was a time when you would’ve had to worry about the costs of additional hardware and maintenance when considering an ERP solution for your business. In fact, one of the biggest downsides to ERP software used to be how much of an investment it was, not only to implement but keep running in the long term with an onsite network.

The second biggest was probably the amount of time it would take to implement your ERP solution – with some taking months to configure.

BC Xpress eliminates both of those concerns by offering rapid deployment designed to have your ERP solution up and running in as little as eight days, with 12 post go-live support incidents included to ensure it all goes exactly to plan. It’s also hosted in the cloud, with Microsoft providing the servers, managed infrastructure and automatic software updates.

Whether your business is big or small, there’s no excuse not to optimise with ERP.


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