Innovative Sales Teams Will Use CRM24

Pre-configured Sales and Service solution that's already customised to fit most, if not all organisations standard Sales / Service business process models and comes with a host of generically configured features.

The true benefit in providing a complete 360 Degree view of the customer, is not only in enhancing the functional capabilities of the Sales and Service functions, but also sharing that visibility across your organisation.


Braintree’s “CRM in 24 Hours” brings you a Business Ready Sales / Service Customer Engagement platform, installed and configured for your organisation in 24 business hours, leaving you ready to sell and  service your customers, without the huge cost involved in a long and expensive  deployments through extensive and expensive consulting agreements. ​

At Braintree, we aim for solutions that address the needs of real people. Viable solutions that push the boundaries of innovation. Solutions that focus on convenience, cost-effectiveness and growth. Solutions like our CRM24 product, a revolutionary new concept that is up and running in 24 business hours.


What is CRM24?

Well, we’re big believers on “out with the old, in with the new”. Our system offers the following benefits for you to enjoy:

Our pre-configured Sales and Service solutions are already customised to fit most,  if not all organisations standard Sales / Service business process models and comes pre-configured with a host of generically configured features, built according to industry best practice standards, and allows further extension and full scalability in-tact. ​

In addition to this, the key benefit included is: 

  • Less time and cost in getting started. ​
  • Ready to use “off-the-shelf” solution templates configured and installed in 24 business hours. ​
  • Various automated communication mechanisms built in workflows and business process flows included
  • Full integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook in order to increase collaboration and productivity.

CRM24 is a platform built for continuous growth of customer relationships, allowing you to increase revenue, maximise profit and keep your organisation in sync.


Why CRM24:

Whilst the possibilities are endless, our sales, service and customer engagement platform is designed to streamline your functions and accelerate business growth. Whether assigning tasks, sending emails, tracking calls or scheduling appointments, your pipeline management is has a quantifiable head start. Furthermore, automated workflows assist with internal and external communications alike.

The platform is business ready and good to go within 24 business hours. The benefits? You’ll be able to cater for and attend to customers whilst avoiding the usually exorbitant overheads. Being pre-configured means the solution is already applicable to most organisations, meaning your business will benefit. More so, adherence to industry practice standards and boasting a host of pre-packed features allow for extension and scalability as you see fit. 

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