Innovative Customer Relationship Management with CRM24

By Suhail Dinat,
Content Creator, Idea Generator, Copywriter - this Senior Content Writer specialises in the written, the conceptual and the voice behind the scenes.

2021-04-08 11:13:10

At Braintree, we aspire for practicality, feasibility and solutions that address modern business challenges. These solutions meet customer needs, demands and expectations at a low cost of entry. We seek constant innovation, emphasising ease-of-use, affordability and potential for business growth. This makes our CRM24 solution, in our opinion, the ideal product for present-day requirements.


Ordinarily, the concept of Customer Relationship Management tools may seem daunting- and with good reason. These tools tend to be costly, with long installation times and a significant wait before reaching your desired outcome. However, CRM24 is different, as instead it’s a pre-packed alternative filled with rich offerings relevant to your business.


Herewith a Cloud-based, feature heavy solution, built from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement while integrating with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Teams. Rapidly deployable (it’s ready to go within 24 business hours), affordable and user friendly, your brand can rest easy knowing your brand will be reaching new levels in next to no time.


What is CRM24?

We’re glad you asked. CRM24 is a customer engagement tool designed to streamline your functions, enabling your business to grow, meet client needs and exceed expectations. It’s wealth of features allow for seamless communication and software integration, letting you maximise profit and accelerate your business development. In addition to this, the solution also offers a plethora of benefits.


Why CRM24? 

The real question is, “why not?” CRM24 is an affordable sales, service and customer engagement platform systemically designed with your business needs in mind. Be it streamlining functions or accelerating growth, there’s little reason to not get excited.


Through the platform, you’re easily able to handle all your day-to-day functions, and focus on the relationship between business and customers. Also included are the engagement tools needed to ensure a consistent customer experience throughout customer interactions and the sales cycle. Your pipeline management will be a cut above the rest, with additional benefits such as automated workflows which assist with both internal and external communications.


Your brand will be able to attend to customers efficiently without stressing about exorbitant costs. Pre-configuration means applicability to most industry sectors, whilst our adherence to the highest standards and quality checks allow for scalability and growth as your brand requires it.


In a nutshell, CRM24 is your gateway to running your business like a pro without having to devote a large chunk of your budget to doing so. Your day-to-day functions can essentially be taken off your to-do list, leaving you free to focus your time and energy on the things that matter. In the new, advanced digital age, your brand requires a modern solution, and it doesn’t come easier than with CRM24.



About Author:
Suhail Dinat

Content Creator, Idea Generator, Copywriter - this Senior Content Writer specialises in the written, the conceptual and the voice behind the scenes.