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TeamsVOICE enables users to make, receive, transfer, forward and put a call on hold from any location on a computer or smart device. Calls can be made to landline or mobile number of internal and external contacts, giving you the basic functionality of a traditional business phone system (PBX).

Traditional PBX functions in the Cloud

Businesses choose TeamsVOICE for all their calls, or do a phased migration from a legacy PBX, depending on their needs. This solution is fully scalable from just a few users, to tens of thousands of users.

TeamsVOICE on laptop

Call with any enabled device and save on telephone bills

Make calls from any enabled device to anyone, anywhere from a mobile and landline. Telephony costs are reduced by accessing Vox VoiP calling
charges and operating a unified communications solution. Save up to 20% on your telephone bill.

TeamsVOICE on mobile device
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