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TeamsVOICE enables users to make, receive, transfer, forward and put a call on hold from any location on a computer or smart device. Calls can be made to landline or mobile number of internal and external contacts, giving you the basic functionality of a traditional business phone system (PBX). Simply put, you can connect your bluetooth headset or handset into a computer or install the application on a smartphone and have all the basic functionality of a conventional PBX phone, it completes the digital telephony value chain delivered by Vox that includes connectivity, break-out access, and software licensing across a range of innovative cloud services.

Traditional PBX functions in a Cloud Application

As most businesses aren't able to do a complete overhaul of your telephone systems, TeamsVOICE is prepared for a phased migration from a legacy PBX, depending on your needs. This solution is fully scalable from just a few users to tens of thousands of users. We are breaking the shackles of on-premise PBX solutions and enabling companies to engage with customers in a more digitally enhanced way.

TeamsVOICE on laptop

Call with Any Enabled Device and Save on Telephone Bills

Make calls from any enabled device to anyone, anywhere from a mobile and landline. Telephony costs are reduced by accessing Vox VoiP calling charges and operating a unified communications solution. Save up to 20% on your telephone bill.

TeamsVOICE on mobile device
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