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Insight Software

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Insight Software helps you build financial & budget reports, business analytics and promote collaboration across your entire business with complete data access allowing you to make faster business decisions. It comes with an intuitive and easy to use interface inside Excel to quickly build the reports you need from anywhere. Increase your business productivity, visibility, accuracy and compliance with Insight Software’s suite of finance-owned solutions can improve your business.

Financial Reporting, Budgeting and Planning

Introduce new levels of trust in your data by directly integrating into your ERP software systems for one single version of the truth with this out-of-the-box financial reporting software solution.

Lower the time spent on manual revisions and unproductive approval processes by adopting an automated and agile approach with workflow management and automated email coordination for your business budgeting and planning.


Fast, Flexible Business Intelligence Dashboards

Remove the reliance on a technical specialist to create reports and dashboards - simply drag and drop the data to analyse and create sophisticated business intelligence dashboards directly in Excel with the least amount of effort.

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