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Engage Patron

No more clipboards and manual data capturing, the Braintree Engage Patron app allows you to automatically capture and record the details of every person that enters your organisation using a QR code.

Built on the Microsoft PowerApps Platform, a low code platform that accelerates business operations, the Engage Patron app allows every patron entering an organisation to effectively communicate that they do not have COVID-19 symptoms and are not aware of any existing COVID-19 risks. The Engage Patron app also provides additional features to make contract tracing that much easier in case a risk is identified.

All data is stored in the Microsoft 365 cloud and leverages off world class securities put in place by Microsoft. Engage Patron is accessed by downloading Microsoft Power Apps from your Apple App Store, Google Play Store and browser.


No more manual recordings

Patrons scan a unique QR Code when arriving at venue, which follows the notion of contact-less experience.

QR Code phone scan 620x440

Built with POPIA in mind

Detailed information for the guests is captured and stored securely in the Microsoft Dataverse environment.

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Built in reports and analytics

Includes built-in reports and dashboards to track daily, weekly and monthly access as well as access denied information

Analytics Dashboard on Laptop screen

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The Braintree Engage App is designed for all employees in an organization to effectively communicate their work status, location and health status. It also provides the employee with multiple additional Work from Home features that make working remotely much easier. It encourages all employees in the organization to capture their information from anywhere at anytime. Get simple, hassle free reporting on all your Covid-19 related information for easy feedback to the National Institute for Occupational Health. All you need is one portal for a safer work climate in these hazardous times that require business continuity planning to mitigate the decrease in productivity caused by the virus.