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Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that improves the operations of your mid- to large-size business, in a manner specific to your industry.

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ERP for your Industry

Dynamics AX adds value and improves all aspects of your company, with its broad capabilities. From warehouse management and human resources to POS and budget templates, it pushes your business in the right direction.

Broad Capabilities

It can be tailored to suit all industries but works particularly well in the manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors. It improves warehouse and transportation management, human resources and social media.

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Improve Forecasting

Dynamics AX offers insight into your consumers’ wants and needs so that you have the knowledge necessary to best serve them. Manage data and improve on forecasting accuracy, while connecting with your on-the-fly team members.

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Streamline Tasks

Manage your stock and inventory, planning, forecasting and accounting. Your streamlined tasks are all visible from a centralised point. Dynamics AX fits into your existing business structure, to improve the day-to-day running of your company.

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